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Experience the unique advantage of the only comprehensive end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring solution, which includes a personalized RPM program and a dedicated application specifically tailored to your practice, offering a seamless and customized approach to remote patient care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Our AI-driven RPM app enhances clinic efficiency, improves care coordination, and provides intelligent alerts for abnormal patient vitals, enabling population-wide monitoring and improved high-risk patient management.

Tech to back you up


Our dedicated enrollment team screens patients based on their criteria, and promotes the devices they could benefit from. The enrollment process is simplified from our dashboard to enable ease of registration. 

Patient Enrollment


Our compliance system sends automated text and voice recordings to remind patients to take readings when they are missing. Our Care Coordination team also ensures we properly educate the patients on the proper techniques for taking their vitals for accuracy

Patient compliance


Our RPM app have clinically proven to bridge gaps-in-care for patients

Our team of nurses serves as an extension of the Provider's staff, offering individualized services that cater to the unique needs of each patient. Our monthly check-ins help to enhance patient compliance, minimize hospital admissions, enhance overall quality of life, and yield a range of other benefits.

Expand your patient care reach beyond your office

Our Care Coordination team of registered nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals supplements your staff by real-time monitoring, communication with your practice, and detailed care notes, enhancing work efficiency.

Care Coordination 

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