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Enable Healthcare's patient engagement solutions empower medical practices by offering a branded, fully customizable practice app that simplifies appointment booking, enables self-check-ins, and facilitates co-payments, all while providing access to their health portal. Additionally, practices can design tailored voice, text, and email campaigns to enhance communication with patients, fostering greater engagement, creating a holistic approach to streamline patient communications and thrive in today's healthcare landscape.

Patient Engagement

REACH by Enable Healthcare

Enable Healthcare's self-check-in kiosk and system streamline a practice's workflow by allowing patients to conveniently register, update their information, and confirm appointments on their own, reducing the administrative burden on staff. This automation enhances operational efficiency and ensures a smoother patient experience in the waiting room.

Self check-in

Enable Healthcare's automated call, text, and email campaigns empower practices by enabling them to efficiently reach out to patients with tailored communication. This not only enhances patient engagement but also promotes proactive care management, reducing no-shows and increasing overall practice revenue. These campaigns provide a cost-effective and time-saving way to keep patients informed, ultimately helping practices thrive and strengthen patient-provider relationships.

Automated call, text and email campaigns

Level up your practice with your Own App

Design your very own practice app, exactly how you want it. Our app designer will work closely with you to capture your unique style, using your colors, logos, and brand elements. Then, we'll get it on the app stores. The end result? You have full ownership of an app that supercharges your practice.

Countless features

Empower your patients to effortlessly schedule appointments, breeze through self-check-ins, handle co-payments, and unlock a world of additional features within your own practice app.

Patient portal access

Transform Your Practice and Empower Patients with My EMR App. Simplify appointments, payments, and feedback while streamlining check-ins and communication. Embrace the future of healthcare with myEMRapp – Download Now!

myEMR app

Connect directly with one of our specialists for a personal video session.

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