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Whether you're a solo practice looking for an easy-to-use EHR with quick adoption or a mid-to-large practice group looking for robust clinical and administrative analytics to manage your patient population, we have you covered with our AI-powered EHR.

Electronic Health Record


80K+ users



Our EHR effortlessly visualizes your clinical data, enabling informed decisions for individual patients or entire populations.

Interactive clinical data

Say goodbye to typing! Our dictation app ensures real-time accuracy, allowing you to focus on your patients, not the screen.

Voice recognition

Our EHR, based on HPI, automates coding detection, bridges gaps, integrates payer-specific codes, and provides care gap alerts, all while ensuring accurate service validation based on POS.

Intelligent coding

Empower your medical practice with enableAssist, our AI-powered EHR feature. By leveraging AI and clinical data, Doctors can draw insights for assessment and plan components instantly.

AI-powered charting feature



Uncover potential at-risk diseases for your patient.. Our EHR harnesses the power of AI to predict and display color-coded risk levels for patients. Red signifies a high risk, orange indicates a moderate risk, and green assures a low risk.

AI-powered patient risk predictor



Create your virtual healthcare office with our Telehealth platform

Making transition care easier with a simple review in our EHR.


Level up your practice with your Own App

Design your very own practice app, exactly how you want it. Our app designer will work closely with you to capture your unique style, using your colors, logos, and brand elements. Then, we'll get it on the app stores. The end result? You have full ownership of an app that supercharges your practice.

Countless features

Empower your patients to effortlessly schedule appointments, breeze through self-check-ins, handle co-payments, and unlock a world of additional features within your own practice app.

Patient portal access

Transform Your Practice and Empower Patients with My EMR App. Simplify appointments, payments, and feedback while streamlining check-ins and communication. Embrace the future of healthcare with myEMRapp – Download Now!

myEMR app

Connect directly with one of our specialists for a personal video session.

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Manage your practice and patients on-the-move with our EHR mobile app


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