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Enable Healthcare's Revenue Cycle billing solution revolutionizes medical billing workflows by leveraging technology and AI. Our billing service provides end-to-end claims management with a dedicated account manager for each client. Pricing ranges from 5-8% of total gross collections depending on the specialty, volume, and complexity of the billing. Our services streamline the complex billing process, allowing practices to focus on patient care while optimizing their financial outcomes.

Medical Billing Services

Enable Healthcare's Billing Service offers a dedicated account manager for each billing account, ensuring personalized support and efficiency.

Dedicated Account Manager

End-to-end claims management

Our billing service offers comprehensive end-to-end claims management, including daily claims entry, electronic and paper claim submission, correction, and re-submission. Additionally, it encompasses weekly/monthly customized reports, patient statements for soft collections with up to 3 past due notices, denial management, claims tracking, and efficient collections management.

We project, you collect. As each day goes by so does the value of your old claims so, give us your EDI 837 & 835 files and we'll send over your A/R Recovery projections immediately.

A/R Recovery made simple

Our expert pre-authorization billers eliminate the time spent on reconciling prior authorizations, guaranteeing a 98% approval rate. While we serve various medical specialties, we place a strong focus on Cardiology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Pulmonology/Sleep, and Gastroenterology, significantly streamlining the prior authorization process.

Prior authorizations

Your patients can conveniently and swiftly make payments for their co-pays and any other outstanding bills, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free financial experience.

Mobile payment app

Streamline patient billing and payments effortlessly. Our Revenue Cycle solution is suitable for both solo and multi-physician practices, providing clear and transparent billing data to ensure your practice's financial health is easily monitored.

Easy-to-use software

Our application actively analyzes all claims to make sure it matches the insurance amount. If the amount on the claim sent out is lower than the listed insurance amount our application will automatically resubmit the adjusted claim to get you the correct payment. We’re also maximizing reimbursements by identifying reductions in contractual payments and down coding.

Clean claims and reimbursements

We guarantee all claims are first pass approved. In the rare occasion of claim denials, our app will resolve denied claims within the day and will write rules to prevent those same errors from ever occurring again.

First Pass Guarantee


Auto checks on patient eligibility, co-payments, deductibles and other front office related tasks.

Front office 


ARIA will post the exact amount on patient responsibility based on the EOB and generate patient statements for mail. ARIA has an online patient payment portal via mobile app or desktop.

Patient Account Mgmt.


With ARIA your practice no longer has to call insurance companies to check on claims status. Our app automatically checks and verify's all claims.

Auto claims check


With ARIA your practice no longer has to worry about payment posting. Every payment will automatically be posted to the appropriate patient account. 

Auto posting


Every time a payor updates their reimbursement rules our application automatically updates those same rules to your claims. So, each claim sent out is clean.

Updates to payor rules


Connect directly with one of our specialists for a personal video session.

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