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Chronic Care Management

Choose from our Standalone CCM Software

or opt for our All-Inclusive End-to-End Service

Simplified workflow for your practice

Identify Eligible Patients

Our software easily identifies eligible patients with 2 or more chronic conditions.

Enroll Eligible Patients

Easily enroll eligible patients and create a personalized CCM patient chart in seconds.

Review Care


We have thousands of care plans or create a custom one for your patients.

Monthly Nurse Calls

Either your Nurse or our Nurses will make monthly calls to your eligible patients.

Track time with patients

Our CCM software easily allows you to track time and document any notes.

Generate billing

Our CCM software allows you to easily create and bill for the appropriate CPT codes.

Our standalone CCM Software enables your practice to easily manage your CCM program.


Patient enrollment

We prioritize patient satisfaction and engagement. Our program is designed to be easy to use and understand, with clear communication and accessible resources. Our team is always available to answer questions and provide support to both the practice and their patients.


Standalone Chart

Our specialized Care Coordination app empowers nurses to ask patient-specific questions, chart responses accurately, and generate comprehensive documentation in strict compliance set forth by CMS.


Dashboards & Reports make billing effortless


Comprehensive Care Plans

Develop or choose from one of our 1000+ tailored care plans for patients based on their specific conditions. Enhance efficiency by consistently updating detailed notes for each aspect of the care plan, enabling tele-nurses to closely monitor and track patient progress with precision.


CMS compliant

Our advanced technology platform enables us to offer audit-proof documentation, comprehensive digital care plans, and easy access to patient health information, all in one place. With our platform, patients can stay informed about their health status, upcoming appointments, and medication schedules, as well as communicate with our healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere.

Looking for more than our technology? Let us handle everything from patient enrollment, signup, down to billing with our End-to-End Service.


Our CCM tele-nurses have a track record of clinically proven results, effectively reducing ER visits and bridging critical gaps in care.


Expand your patient care reach beyond your office

Our team of tele-nurses serve as an extension of the Provider's staff, offering individualized services that cater to the unique needs of each patient. Our monthly check-ins help to enhance patient compliance, minimize hospital admissions, enhance overall quality of life, and yield a range of other benefits.


We've crafted a harmonious ecosystem that effortlessly caters to your needs, setting a new standard of convenience and excellence.

Connect directly with one of our specialists for a personal video session.

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