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Our AI-backed EHR and billing application is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of pediatric specialties, ensuring efficient and optimal operations for your practice.


80,000+ users



AI-powered charting feature


Empower your medical practice with enableAssist, our AI-powered EHR feature. By leveraging AI and clinical data, Doctors can draw insights for assessment and plan components instantly.

Uncover potential at-risk diseases for your patient.. Our EHR harnesses the power of AI to predict and display color-coded risk levels for patients. Red signifies a high risk, orange indicates a moderate risk, and green assures a low risk.

AI-powered patient risk predictor





To ensure smooth coordination of benefits, our system will alert the front office to inform patients about any COB issues that need resolution.

Coordination of Benefits


For claims related to COVID tests, PCR tests, and other pediatric procedures, our system evaluates and alerts if preliminary Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are missing. 

Add-On Code Eval.


Staying up to date with coding guidelines is crucial for accurate billing. Our system employs advanced algorithms to alert you of inappropriate coding levels and codes, reducing the risk of audits and penalties.

ICD error prevention


Our system meticulously reviews claim details and appropriately applies modifiers that increase the likelihood of favorable payment outcomes. 

Modifier application


To optimize patient collections, the system will alert the front desk and prompt them to collect any outstanding balances from patients. This feature aims to improve financial efficiency and streamline the collection process.

Patient Collections


Our system will validate copayment amounts and suggest accurate collection procedures at the front desk. This feature aims to minimize errors and improve the overall copayment collection process.

Co-payment validation


If a healthcare provider is not covered by a patient's specific insurance plan, the system will notify the front desk to collect the full payment from the patient.



Connect directly with one of our specialists for a personal video session.

Need help?


Newborn babies

In cases where a newborn baby is not listed on the insurance policy, our system will generate an alert for the front office staff. This helps your front office contact the parents to ensure that the baby is properly listed within 30 days, enabling smooth billing processes.

Enhance pediatric care with our custom well-child visit feature, streamlining charting and enabling prompt identification of health trends for improved outcomes.

Well-Child Visits

Monitor children's growth with our charts for early issue detection, informed decision-making, and improved health outcomes in pediatric practices.

Growth Charts

Our vaccine feature lets pediatricians track patients' vaccination history for timely updates and well-informed decisions, improving preventive care.

Vaccine Administration

Our integrated Pediatric Screening forms save time for pediatricians by offering a clear view of patients' development, allowing quick identification of concerns for timely care.

Pediatric Forms

Integrated into our chart is the Denver Developmental questionnaire.

Denver Questionnaire

Our Pediatric Measures Compliance Console ensures a clear view of patients' development and preventive care, promoting timely interventions for improved health outcomes in pediatrics.

Compliance Console

Our AI-powered Counseling/Plan feature provides pediatricians with clinical insights and time savings by offering personalized counseling plans based on patient data and medical guidelines.

Counseling Plans

In our EHR, pediatricians access vital patient data in clear graphs, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and enabling personalized treatment plans for improved healthcare outcomes

Graphical Vitals

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