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Annual Wellness Program

Improve patient health outcomes and increase your MIPS score with our Annual Wellness solution. We can administer the Annual Wellness Visit in-person or virtually.

Simplified workflow for your practice

Identify Eligible Patients

Our software easily identifies eligible patients for the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV).

Schedule Eligible Patients

We'll easily enroll eligible patients and book their AWV virtual appointment.

Plan Virtual Patient Visit

Our staff coordinates with your staff/office manager to verify any and all AWV appointments.

Complete Virtual Encounter

Our registered Nurses will conduct the AWV with all the screenings and assessments.

Complete Form Intakes

We'll ensure all forms and documentation have been properly completed and submitted.

Create & Share HRA with patient

Easily create and share your Health Risk Assessments with patients.

Generate AWV billing

Finally, we'll verify each AWV for billing with its appropriate codes and documentation. 

Our Annual Wellness Visit software removes administrative burdens, leaving you with pure benefits.


Patient enrollment

Optimize your practice with our AWV tracker, pinpointing eligible patients by payer and month. Whether it's based on a calendar year or within 365 days from the last visit, our tracker adapts intelligently for seamless scheduling.


Simplify AWV paperwork with our AI-powered tech

Our AI system offers comprehensive AWV forms that can be prefilled, including sections related to the patient, either before the visit or in the waiting room through system-generated e-correspondence, ultimately saving time and ensuring efficient AWV visits.


An easy way to manage AWV with our tracker

The AWV tracker includes features like total eligible patients, age group classification, scheduled visits, and search/filter options based on immediate, overdue, and upcoming visits within specific time frames.


Comprehensive Screenings to improve patient care

Our Annual Wellness Visit encompasses a Health Risk Assessment, vital signs check, thorough medical history review, fall risk assessment, cognitive and depression screenings, and a 10-year Written Health Plan.


Improve MIPS

Maximize revenue and improve patient care by capturing essential MIPS clinical measures, thereby enhancing Medicare compliance. With the Annual Wellness Visit, you can effectively address up to 14 MIPS/MACRA quality measures, significantly elevating your practice's scores.

Looking for more than our technology? Let us handle everything from patient enrollment, signup, down to billing with our End-to-End Service.


Our AWV tele-nurses have a track record of clinically proven results, effectively reducing ER visits and bridging critical gaps in care.


Expand your patient care reach beyond your office

Our team of tele-nurses serve as an extension of the Provider's staff, offering individualized services that cater to the unique needs of each patient. Our monthly check-ins help to enhance patient compliance, minimize hospital admissions, enhance overall quality of life, and yield a range of other benefits.


Selecting our end-to-end service ensures that your practice is matched with one of our dedicated tele-nurse's for personalized support.

Connect directly with one of our specialists for a personal video session.

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