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Our comprehensive Practice Management solution streamlines administrative and billing tasks for your healthcare practice. This cutting-edge technology simplifies repetitive front-office and billing tasks, tailored to your specialty, ensuring efficient practice operations and a healthier bottom line, allowing you to focus on providing high-quality care to your patients.

Medical Billing System practice management

Leave the administration work to our Practice Management software

In the past, practices had to pay extra for third-party vendors to handle clearinghouse management. But now, with Enable Healthcare's Practice Management solution, it's built right into the software, making the process simpler and cutting out the need for third-party vendors.

Integrated clearinghouse management

Efficiently handle patient scheduling, billing, and payments. Our scheduling tool suits solo or multi-physician practices, integrates with your website for online appointment booking, and includes a patient self-check-in process.

Scheduling made simple

Our PMS solution is tailored to your medical specialty because each specialty has unique payor and billing rules. This customization ensures maximum efficiency in your practice operations.

Speciality personalized

Our software offers comprehensive reporting with features such as accounts receivable management, collection reports, appointment analysis reporting, denial reporting, productivity reports, patient statements, and patient payment reporting. Additionally, the software allows you to create custom reports tailored to the specific needs of your practice.

Comprehensive practice reporting

Our software takes control of claims for practices through robust features such as denial management, rejection management, accounts receivable follow-up management, real-time claims tracking, real-time claims status tracking, primary posting, secondary posting, and real-time tracking of secondary claims. This comprehensive suite of tools ensures efficient and transparent management of the claims process, optimizing the financial health of healthcare practices.

Control your claims with payors


Auto checks on patient eligibility, co-payments, deductibles and other front office related tasks.

Front office 


Add-on solution

ARIA will post the exact amount on patient responsibility based on the EOB and generate patient statements for mail. ARIA has an online patient payment portal via mobile app or desktop.

Patient Account Mgmt.


Add-on solution

With ARIA your practice no longer has to call insurance companies to check on claims status. Our app automatically checks and verify's all claims.

Auto claims check


Add-on solution

With ARIA your practice no longer has to worry about payment posting. Every payment will automatically be posted to the appropriate patient account. 

Auto posting


Add-on solution

Every time a payor updates their reimbursement rules our application automatically updates those same rules to your claims. So, each claim sent out is clean.

Updates to payor rules


Add-on solution

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