Improve your patients health outcomes with

Chronic Care Management

Improve the quality of care for your patients and increase your Practice revenue with CCM.

01 / Improve Patient Health Outcomes

Our Nurses assist patients with medication refills, pharmacy coordination, transportation needs and scheduling Doctor appointments. Moreover, our Nurses will assist and connect patients to social service programs like Meals on Wheels if necessary.  

02 / Dedicated CCM Nurse 

Patients will have access to our Nurses 24/7. Whenever Patients need someone to speak with regarding their medical or health issues our Nurses will be there on the line to assist them. Our nurses are trained to identify indicators of hospital admission to avoid unnecessary ER and hospitalization visits.

03 / Increase your Practice Revenue

Our Nurses will capture key MIPS clinical measures to help increase your revenue. Our Nurses increase patient appointments and frequently book transition of care appointments as well. The CCM program qualifies a practice for MIPS bonus.

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Increase your MIPS score

Care Plan Management

Our CCM application enables a Provider to build a customized care plan specific for each patient. After an initial consultation as well as followups by your Care Coordinator, the plan is further personalized and updated.

The Chronic Care Management Program allows a Practice to capture key MIPS clinical measures. CCM participation prepares Providers for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System. EHI has identified four overlaps between the programs, making it easier for practices to participate in MIPS if they’re already participating in the CCM program.

Meet some of our CCM Nurses. They're bilingual. 

And, importantly they care.

Billing & Financials 

Practices can run several analytics on their populations, financial performance, referral patterns, and other metrics. Practices can also utilize monthly time tracking, activities tracking, gaps in care tracking, and TOC visit tracking.

Bottom Line

CCM brings patient's closer to Doctors. Our nurses act as a Provider's extended staff providing services tailored to a patient's needs. Through our monthly calls, we increase patient compliance, identify hospital discharges, improve lifestyle conditioning, and more. This allows Doctors to focus on managing a patient's condition while we provide patient care coordination outside your office.

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