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Features made for Urgent Care


We offer a specialized Advanced CC-HPI Protocol, enhancing patient evaluations with precision.

Our EHR offers streamlined

Pre-built SOAP Notes, Encounter Plans, & Templates for Urgent Care.

We deliver personalized Lab Insights empowering practitioners with actionable data.

We feature personalized Intake Forms streamlining patient data collection and enhancing practice efficiency.

We offer a personalized MIPS/MACRA Certified Dashboard providing comprehensive insights and compliance support.

We feature Health Maintenance & Risk Assessment Plans that facilitates proactive patient care and compliance management.

We feature Coordination of Care & Referral Management that's built into our EHR for easy patient management.

We offer customizable Report Templates for procedure notes, referral notes, and work or school excuse letters to streamline documentation tasks.

Enable Healthcare's self-check-in kiosk and system streamline a practice's workflow by allowing patients to conveniently register, update their information, and confirm appointments on their own, reducing the administrative burden on staff. This automation enhances operational efficiency and ensures a smoother patient experience in the waiting room.

Self check-in kiosk

Enable Healthcare's automated call, text, and email campaigns empower practices by enabling them to efficiently reach out to patients with tailored communication. This not only enhances patient engagement but also promotes proactive care management, reducing no-shows and increasing overall practice revenue. These campaigns provide a cost-effective and time-saving way to keep patients informed, ultimately helping practices thrive and strengthen patient-provider relationships.

Virtual check-ins

Mobile app solutions for Urgent Care

We offer a complete mobile EHR so you can manage your practice and patients anywhere.

Our EHR effortlessly visualizes your clinical data, enabling informed decisions for individual patients or entire populations.

Interactive clinical data

Say goodbye to typing! Our dictation app ensures real-time accuracy, allowing you to focus on your patients, not the screen.

Voice recognition

Our EHR, based on HPI, automates coding detection, bridges gaps, integrates payer-specific codes, and provides care gap alerts, all while ensuring accurate service validation based on POS.

Intelligent coding

Empower your medical practice with enableAssist, our AI-powered EHR feature. By leveraging AI and clinical data, Doctors can draw insights for assessment and plan components instantly.

AI-powered charting feature



Uncover potential at-risk diseases for your patient.. Our EHR harnesses the power of AI to predict and display color-coded risk levels for patients. Red signifies a high risk, orange indicates a moderate risk, and green assures a low risk.

AI-powered patient risk predictor



Create your virtual healthcare office with our Telehealth platform


Billing for Urgent Care

To ensure smooth coordination of benefits, our system will alert the front office to inform patients about any COB issues that need resolution.

Coordination of Benefits


For claims related to COVID tests, PCR tests, and other pediatric procedures, our system evaluates and alerts if preliminary Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are missing. 

Add-On Code Eval.


Staying up to date with coding guidelines is crucial for accurate billing. Our system employs advanced algorithms to alert you of inappropriate coding levels and codes, reducing the risk of audits and penalties.

ICD error prevention


Our system meticulously reviews claim details and appropriately applies modifiers that increase the likelihood of favorable payment outcomes. 

Modifier application


To optimize patient collections, the system will alert the front desk and prompt them to collect any outstanding balances from patients. This feature aims to improve financial efficiency and streamline the collection process.

Patient Collections


Our system will validate copayment amounts and suggest accurate collection procedures at the front desk. This feature aims to minimize errors and improve the overall copayment collection process.

Co-payment validation


If a healthcare provider is not covered by a patient's specific insurance plan, the system will notify the front desk to collect the full payment from the patient.



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