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The only EHR that works with you. 

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Whether you're a solo practice looking for an easy-to-use EHR with quick adoption or a mid-to-large practice group looking for robust clinical and administrative analytics to manage your patient population, we have you covered with our AI-powered EHR.

Lowering charting time with enableAssist
 our AI powered charting feature, saving doctors time

Empower your medical practice with enableAssist, our AI-powered EHR feature that revolutionizes patient assessment and plan components. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and clinical data, Doctors can now draw insights about patients and seamlessly generate comprehensive assessments and plans in just one click. By automating this process, we eliminate the burden of time-consuming documentation, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your patients.

Interactive clinical data

Our EHR is designed to effortlessly visualize all your clinical data, allowing you to gain invaluable insights that can help you make informed decisions. Regardless of whether you're tracking an individual patient's clinical data or analyzing the health trends of your entire patient population our EHR allows you to make informed clinical decisions with ease.

Clinical Data in EHR

Voice recognition

Tired of typing? Our dictation app offers a more efficient solution. With real-time accuracy, you can quickly and accurately document your patients' encounter while freeing yourself from the screen and focusing on their needs.

Voice Recognition on iphone

Manage your practice & patients on the go
available on iOS & Android devices

Mobile EHR
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Intelligent coding

Our EHR, based on HPI, auto detects coding requirements. It identifies gaps between HPI, assessment and plans to suggest the appropriate coding. Incorporates payer level quality reporting codes. Auto detects gaps in care and alerts providers. Scrubs for time sensitive codes, payer and patient level rules as well as validates service based on POS.

Coding app on EHR

Need more billing 
intelligence? Check out our
Revenue Cycle Solution

AR Recovery Screen
Intelliget coding
Pt. Engagement/marketing

Take your practice to the next level with your very own practice branded app.

Every practice on our EHR has the ability to create a fully branded mobile app for your practice. In a one-on-one meeting with our app designer you can direct the app's design with your identifying colors, logos and other brand elements. Once you're happy with your branded app's overall design we'll manage the  technical end of publishing it on the app and Google Play store. You get complete ownership of your app and your patients experience with your practice is enhanced. 

Send push notifications to your patients about
upcoming appointments, lab results, Rx orders and a whole lot more.

Upcoming Appt Notice
Mobile app mockup

Plus, your patients can sign into your practice branded app for their mobile patient portal.

Our EHR integrates with virtual health programs.

Chronic Care


CCM Nurse

Annual Wellness



Remote Patient Monitoring

BP Device
Pulse Oximeter
Glucometer Device

Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and to learn more about our plans and pricing. 

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