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The only EHR that
works with you. 

Talk to us today to see if your Practice is eligible to start or transfer to our Electronic Health Record solution.

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Voice Recognition. Built into our EHR is ARIA, a virtual medical scribe. Healthcare providers are receiving free clinical assistance to complete tasks for writing prescriptions, ordering and reviewing lab results, adding assessments as well as HPI, ROS and physical exam documentation.

Free yourself from documentation and looking at your computer to interacting and facing your patients at every appointment.

ARIA Voce Recognition

The Dashboard. See how you'll personalize your next EHR.

Interactive clinical data. Track your patients vitals and effectiveness on patient treatment. We're using AI to assist in accurate assessments based on encounter data and lab results. And, our EHR analyzes patient compliance and gaps in care for you. 

Interactive clinica dat
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Auto documentation. Using Artificial Intelligence, our EHR sifts through information that's available at the point of service and automatically creates documentation. 

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Intelligent coding. Our EHR, based on HPI, auto detects coding requirements. Identifies gaps between HPI, assessment and plans to suggest the appropriate coding. Incorporates payer level quality reporting codes. Auto detects gaps in care and alerts providers. Scrubs for time sensitive codes, payer and patient level rules as well as validates service based on POS.

Intelliget coding
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Practice branded app. We're helping medical practices reach their patients conveniently and securely with their very own practice branded app. 

We'll build your very own practice branded app available to download on iOS and Android devices. Manage your practice and patients. Plus, your patients have access to your app as their patient portal. 

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Send push notifications to patients about upcoming appointments.

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Patient convenience reaches new heights with your branded app.

Pt. Engagement/marketing

Plus, our EHR integrates with virtual health programs.

Chronic Care



Annual Wellness



Remote Patient Monitoring


Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and to learn more about our plans and pricing. 

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