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Build your own
practice app

Health Record.

With our EHR we've eliminated the need for clicking. Providers can have more face-time with patients using Virtual Scribe, our voice recognition technology. Equipped with built-in AI, adaptive learning, and real time analytics we've built the most advanced EHR ever.
It's about time providers have access to a billing system that's completely transparent. Keeping control in the hands of providers not payers. 

Revenue Cycle

Run your practice efficiently with AI. Reduce strain and resources on your administration with Aria, our AI based billing application that was built from the ground up for every single medical speciality. Plus, our app integrates with other EHR's so, you can still experience our personalized medical AI.


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Chronic Care

Our CCM application and nurses will improve patients outcomes who have 2 or more chronic illnesses. And, we take care of it all from scheduling to coordinating between providers and patients.


With our Telecare platform, Providers can establish a secure video appointment with patients instantly. Automatically generate a patient’s chart and create new encounters, and easily document.

Remote Patient Monitoring.

Providers can now track their patients readings instantly using Wi-Fi enabled medical devices such as BP Monitor, Blood Glucose Meter and more. 
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Annual Wellness Visit.

Keep patients on track with an annual wellness visit that comprises of various physical and mental exams so providers can get a holistic view of their patients health. 
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Our Doctors

Most of the 4000+ doctors we serve are more than clinicians, they are entrepreneurs, healers and innovators navigating a complicated healthcare industry. With that in mind, we decided to uplift our physicians and their practices with this web series.