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Participate in preventative services and screenings for chronic ailments to support a healthier life for your patients through the Annual Wellness Program.

01 / Improve Patient  Care

Our Annual Wellness Visit comprises of Health Risk Assessment HRA, Vital Signs, Review of Medical History, Family History and Social History. Furthermore, our Nurse will administer a fall risk assessment, cognitive and depression screenings. Lastly, the Patient is given a Written Health Plan that covers the next 10 years of their life.

02 / Dedicated Wellness Nurse

We will provide our technology, resources and project management expertise to conduct the Annual Wellness Visit at the practice under the supervision of the Provider. Our experienced nursing staff will conduct the AWV at your Practice facility based on availability, convenience and without intruding on your day to day Patient care. 

03 / Increase your MIPS Score

Our Nurses will capture key MIPS clinical measures to help increase your revenue. Our goal in administering the Annual Wellness Visit in a Practice is to improve patient care and fulfill Medicare's compliance and improve the Practice's MIPS scores. The Annual Wellness Visit addresses up to 14 MIPS/MACRA quality measures.

Improve Patients Health Outcomes

Studies have shown that the Annual Wellness Visit, when administered a hour per year, per patient, extends ones life and reduces the risk of disabilities. Also, it improves and reinforces the relationship between patients and their primary care physicians. 

Doctors Can Improve Patient Relationships 

By implementing the Annual Wellness Visit, Providers can increase patient compliance and identify any risks associated with their patients chronic conditions. Moreover, with the Annual Wellness Visit, Providers now have even more comprehensive healthcare data for their patients that have complications.

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Fall Risk Assessment

Screening for Clinical Depression


Screening & Follow-Up

Tobacco use Follow-up

Health Risk Assessment Plan


Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and to learn more about our plans and pricing. 

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