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Driving better patient outcomes with Remote Patient Monitoring 

Bundle & Improve your Practice.

When you sign up for the Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visit and Remote Patient Monitoring programs together you can improve your practice revenue by 30%. Plus, you can run a more efficient program for your patient population.

Chronic Care



Annual Wellness


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The only end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring solution with a personalized RPM program and application for your Practice.

Our application.

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Our AI driven RPM app allows users to maximize clinic time, and optimize communications between practices and the care coordination team. The intelligent alert system understands patients vitals and notifies you when their readings are abnormal. The application allows you to monitor your whole population as a whole, so you can keep track of compliance, and monitor high risk patients better.  

Care Coordination Team.

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Our registered nurses, Doctors and healthcare professionals make up our Care Coordination team. They supplement your existing staff by monitoring and responding to patient's readings in real-time and will communicate with your Practice. Detailed care notes are provided to you by our nurses, increasing your work efficiency.

Cellular Medical Devices.


For a better user experience and improved compliance for our patients, we simplified the user experience. Patients can take and transmit a reading all with a touch of a button. With built in GSM, there is no need for Bluetooth hubs, cellphones, or Wi-Fi dependent systems. This ensures minimal support required for the patients and improved usability. 

Patient Enrollment.

Our dedicated enrollment team screens patients based on their criteria, and promotes the devices they could benefit from. The enrollment process is simplified from our dashboard to enable ease of registration. 

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Patient Compliance.

Our compliance system sends automated text and voice recordings to remind patients to take readings when they are missing. Our Care Coordination team also ensures we properly educate the patients on the proper techniques for taking their vitals for accuracy.

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Check your average reimbursements based on your location and patient insurance.
Reach out to us to find out if you don't see your state listed here.

UHC Community Plan
Elder Plan

*These reimbursements are based on state averages

Talk to us today to see if your Practice is eligible to provide Remote Patient Monitoring solutions for your patients.

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