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RCM was built to streamline your Practice's finances.

01 / Automate Your Practice

Our RCM service is automated at 70%, providing your group or practice with clean claims and the fastest reimbursement possible. Equipped with full transparency, you know exactly where your money is at each stage in the billing process, eliminating doubts while increasing your revenue.

02 / Eliminate Billing Errors

With custom scrubbers adjusted based on ICD guidelines, our RCM service notifies you of claim mistakes before it is sent out. With our highly automated system, human errors are eliminated. Our RCM system will streamline your practice's billing tasks.

03 / Increase Your Revenue 

Featuring powerful custom scrubbers, our billing service optimizes your collection by making sure your practice consistently sends clean claims. Powered by ARIA, our RCM service reduces denials and will take your group or practice to 98% claim accuracy within 3 months. Our RCM service also includes AR follow-ups, making sure that the group or practice gets paid on practically every claim that is sent out.

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Real Time Monitoring 

A Practice can monitor in real-time all billing activities using our application. Our application will alert a Practice's front desk staff of any deficiencies with patient plans and correct them before a service is rendered. 

Establish Benchmarks

We will establish benchmarks for a Practice based on the performance of other practices in our network of similar size, speciality and geographical region.