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Personalizing revenue cycle solutions for every speciality.

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AI & Automations. From office visits to administrative CPT codes, our revenue cycle app flags errors and automatically writes new rules for a Practice to prevent those same errors from occurring again. We’re automating medical billing by learning and deploying models continuously.

A/R Recovery. We project, you collect. As each day goes by so does the value of your old claims so, give us your EDI 837 & 835 files and we'll send over your A/R Recovery projections immediately.

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Front office optimization. We personalize our artificial engines for your practice, your patients and their insurance plan. Because, every practice requires different approaches.

Claims & Reimbursements. Our application actively analyzes all claims to make sure it matches the insurance amount. If the amount on the claim sent out is lower than the listed insurance amount our application will automatically resubmit the adjusted claim to get you the correct payment. We’re also maximizing reimbursements by identifying reductions in contractual payments and down coding.

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Mobile app. Your patients can pay their co-payments and any other bills easily and quickly.

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Prior authorizations. We're eliminating time spent on reconciling prior authorizations through our expert team of pre-authorization billers. 

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98% of your
pre-authorizations will be approved.


we serve:

  • Cardiologist

  • Orthopedics

  • Pain Management

  • Pulmonology/Sleep

  • Gastroenterology 

Our solution integrates with other EHRs using any data format.

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We're experts in handling various payor plans and prior authorization requirements.

Expedite your prior
authorization process today.

Personalized Revenue Cycle Solutions

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