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Using Remote Patient Monitoring for Better Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes | Policy Guidance

Using Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies for Better Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes

Policy Guidance:

An excerpt from the American Heart Association's recent report:

"Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) can empower patients to better manage their health and participate in their healthcare. When used by clinicians, RPM can provide a more holistic view of a patient’s health over time, increase visibility into a patient’s adherence to a treatment and enable timely intervention before a costly episode of care.

Clinicians can strengthen their relationships with and improve the experience of their patients by using the data sent to them via RPM to develop a personalized care plan and to engage in joint decision-making to foster better outcomes. The American Heart Association supports initiatives that increase access to and incentivize the appropriate design and use of evidence-based remote patient monitoring technologies.

The cost of healthcare has soared to untenable heights. In the United States, federal healthcare spending is rapidly approach 20% of GDP. Furthermore, chronic disease is highly prevalent, accounting for nearly 90% of all healthcare spending in the United States.

Additionally, it costs 3.5 times more to treat chronic diseases than it does other conditions, and they account for 80% of all hospital admissions. Additionally, access to care is variable based on socioeconomic issues and environmental factors. In recent years, rapid advancements in healthcare delivery models and low-cost wireless communication have spurred optimism in finding cost-effective, value-enhancing solutions to these issues. Remote Patient Monitoring and Management is one such disruptive innovation.

RPM is a tool and not a treatment. How Remote Patient Monitoring is used is important; how the real-time patient generated data is used in the enablement of patient-centric care is the ultimate goal. Live data is a key element of efficient healthcare. It is the new normal. "

Enable Healthcare's Value Proposition:

Value of the network is proportional to the number of connected users to the network.

EHI offers a connected suite of solutions including Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Management (RPM), Remote Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), Telehealth, EHR, Practice Management System and Population Health Management to promote sustainable and adaptable health behaviors based on easy to use, real-time data capture supported by approved devices.

The combined solutions enable Physicians and Clinical Staff access to insights, driven by data science. Added to this is the human touch provided by EHI's skilled clinical staff periodically and when the patients need such assistance.

EHI's suite of products, solutions, and services share a common product and data architecture. All the solutions are delivered through a common user interface with multi-channel applications for effective healthcare management including cross-condition-based patient communication and coaching model.

Each solution can be used as a stand-alone unit or in-network with other solutions to share results with healthcare providers as well as care givers, family, and friends.

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