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The Benefits of using EHR Technology Companies for CCM service

As many physicians enrolled in CCM have found out, fulfilling all necessary requirements for CCM can be a challenge. The result: a number of Care Management companies offering to control the day-to-day operations of CCM for a practice. Although hired to alleviate burdens, these companies often can cause more headaches, more paperwork, and more work for a provider. Consider an alternative: a EHR technology company for CCM service.

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In theory, a care management company appears like a logical step to co-sourcing CCM implementation. Unfortunately, in practice, these companies lack the technological infrastructure or knowledge to integrate clinical data seamlessly between EHR and CCM applications. Here are some concrete reasons a practice should favor a EHR technology company for their CCM rollout:

  1. Seamless data migration

Unlike care management companies, a EHR technology company likely has the technology and knowledge to transfer data from one EHR to another, all while understanding the depths of HIT standards.

  1. Direct Messaging

EHR technology companies send notes from CCM automatically back to their customers, which can be uploaded to a patient’s chart as soon as the provider or a staff member reviews it. Ultimately, this leads to a hassle free workflow without manual work and the possible errors that accompany it.

  1. Access to comprehensive patient data

EHR technology companies have experience and knowledge to export and integrate key clinical data into the CCM platform such as the patient centered Care plan, Lab results, Medications, past medical history, allergies, past Hospital admission and discharge, vitals and family and social history. All of these discrete data is seamlessly transferred to the CCM chart to help a nurse have a wholesome conversation with a patient during his or her monthly call. All this while also meeting CMS requirements in documentation for a CCM call.

  1. Better communication between staffs

EHR technology companies have a comprehensive knowledge of practice business processes, and further more they have a closer relationship with practice staff through ongoing support to manage their EHR application. This relationship improves while implementing the CCM program in the practice and also under the cooperation of staff in introducing the CCM program to patients and as well introducing CCM nurse to patients. This close engagement with the practice helps alleviate the apprehension of the patient to participate in CCM program. Closer relationship with the practice staff will also help the CCM nurse to connect with the patients and gain confidence with the patient during the monthly calls. Also, this close relationship helps the CCM nurse to engage and execute ongoing care coordination with a practice staff to help patients with booking appointments, medication refills, getting referral approval and various other activities.

  1. Integrated Billing

Care management companies can make coordinating your billing a hassle. Most EHR technology companies offer integrated billing modules, transmitting claims from the CCM platform to payors, without disturbing your current billing setup. Additionally, these vendors will have the ability to bill calls that satisfy CMS guidelines and submit them directly to Medicare or Medicare advantage payers electronically, without disturbing your billing department.

  1. Optimizing Patient Enrollment

With access to active diagnoses and a patient’s chart, EHR technology companies can automatically identify patients who qualify for CCM. This saves the provider time, all while maximizing the number of patients who can be entered into CCM.

Co-sourcing CCM is a necessary step to fully maximizing the program health and financial benefits. By choosing a EHR technology company, risks are mitigated, and more often than not, implementation of CCM will run far smoother than with a care management company.


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