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Pediatrics and Telemedicine

As telehealth services expand, so will the solutions supporting telehealth in all types of healthcare settings and all specialties. For Pediatrics, telemedicine offers practical solutions, convenience to patients and consumers and growth opportunities for practices. Specifically, telemedicine can service pediatricians’ emergency and off-hour calls, their patients with full-time working parents, sick follow-up visits, and external issue visits.

Pediatricians are all too familiar with the off-hour calls, which typically occurs when a parent feels they really need a consultation for an issue their child is experiencing. If the doctor is unavailable, this can lead to an unnecessary ER visit or an Urgent Care visit. And this can result in inconvenience to the patient and family. If the doctor does answer and provide a consultation, it reduces the stress levels and benefits the patients and their immediate families.

Every doctor wants to help their patients as much as possible, while also being compensated for their time. For the billing problem with off-hour calls, telemedicine offers the solution. Instead of a phone call, with a telemedicine platform, doctors can convert that off-hour consultation into a billable encounter, with a two-way live streaming video conference. With telemedicine, the doctor can understand the patients’ issues far more than with a simple telephonic discussion, and offer the parent the proper consultation.

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In the present and near future, the likelihood of a household with two working parents is higher than ever. Most physicians office hours are during the working weekdays, between 9am-5pm, which also happen to be typical work days. Without much flexibility, if a parent needs to take their child to the doctor, they will likely have to take a day off from work or visit a Physician who is open during off hours. With telemedicine, a parent can reach a doctor after their work day, not disrupting their work schedule while also attending to the healthcare the child needs.

Additionally, for working parents, telemedicine works best for a sick follow-up visit. Instead of taking an additional day off from work after the initial visit, the parent and child can hop on a telemedicine call, and conduct their sick follow-up visit from the comfort of their home. Telemedicine can also eliminate the necessity for a visit to the doctor for an external complication, such as a rash or abrasion, which children are prone to having. Instead of trekking to the office, the parent(s) and patient(s) can simply use the telemedicine platform, and get the proper consultation or necessary prescriptions all from the convenience of their home.

Telemedicine offers parents more flexibility with their children’s health, all without any drawbacks.

One of many solutions that Enable Healthcare (EHI) offers is an integrated and comprehensive tele-health solution is being used by hundreds of practices and nursing homes. To learn more about telemedicine and how you can incorporate please contact EHI via email or call 646-442-5468 for a complete demonstration of EHI’s telemedicine solution. You can also visit Also visit our blog

You can also experience various features by viewing the following videos.


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