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Kiosk-based Check-In: Not Just For the Airport

We live in an age where consumers are granted and welcome self-sufficiency for tasks previously requiring the work of other individuals. At the grocery store, we are now able to check ourselves out and pay for our purchases independently. We can check ourselves in to our flights at an airport kiosk. And, as reflected in the article on Patient-Centered Scheduling, patients can even make their own appointments for their physicians and other healthcare providers.

At EHI, we are now offering the ability for patients to check themselves into their healthcare appointments with kiosk-based technology. This technology streamlines front office workflow, enabling staff to focus on other, more pressing issues. From the kiosk, a patient can not only check in, but she may also securely confirm her contact and insurance information, as well as provide payment information for her office copay or a prior balance. If your office utilizes forms or questionnaires (including consent for treatment and HIPAA forms), these can be built into the check-in process. These questionnaires also include patient screening tools, as well as questions which can facilitate a patient’s routine appointment or Annual Wellness Visit. Finally, for walk-in patients, the kiosk allows the ability to make an appointment during available times in your daily schedule.

Especially pertinent to the current COVID-19 crisis, our kiosk system allows a link to be sent to a patient’s phone or tablet for completion of check-in on his own device as a “no-touch” process.

All entries into the kiosk are fully integrated with the EHI electronic health record and, as such, are transferred directly into the patient’s record.

Contact EHI today to learn more about our patient-centered, kiosk-based check-in process. Email us at to see how we can help.

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By: Joshua Baron, MD: EHI Subject Matter Expert

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