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Is it Remote Patient Monitoring or Remote Patient Management?

Is it Remote Patient Monitoring or Remote Patient Management? After six months of data analysis the evidence shows it is Remote Patient Management. We deduced this based purely on extensive data covering patient populations across age groups, payer affiliations, morbidity, and need for continuity of care. At this time, based on the approach outlined below, a large patient population is already being managed and cared for under this method. At a macro level, building blocks of effective Remote Patient Management include:

  • Patient connectivity- Telehealth, Phone encounters, office visits

  • Wellness Visits - Across Age groups, screening for state of health, evaluation of indicators pointing at probable onset of a condition, lifestyle management, socio-eco evaluation, disease management, patient education and counseling.

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Labs and Rad orders, management, and analytics - Identify and classify patient population risk probability.

  • Medication Management, reconciliation, and effectiveness

  • Care Plans- covering goals, targeted actionable items, and the future course of action.

  • Vaccine and Immunization management

  • Data exchange and accurate data interpretation.

  • Behavioral health and Psych review

  • Human touch

 Results of following the above approach, as our data suggests, are:

  • Timely and prompt medical interventions.

  • Better condition management.

  • Improved patient care.

  • Better medication and refill management

  • Improved vaccination and immunization compliance.

  • Reduced unscheduled hospital admissions and ER visits

  • Increased revenue for care providers and care network.

  • Steep escalation in patent continuous participation.

This study was possible due to the willing participation of physicians, cooperation from labs, data from prescription platform and other participating stakeholders. More importantly this study was possible because of the dedicated and passionate involvement of Enable Healthcare’s (EHI) Associates who worked hard to connect the dots while also creating new dots to be connected.

CMS and ONC have laid down a good set of standards, protocols, and opportunities. All these are aimed towards increased quality patient care, reduced paperwork, timely intervention and effective cost vs service quotient. EHI intends to pursue further research and studies in-line with the above stated aims and goals.

Author: Rahul Dewan, Enable Healthcare

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