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Streamline your administrative and billing tasks with our Practice Management Solution

The only month to month, no commitment practice management solution that allows your organization to thrive.


Our comprehensive Practice Management solution streamlines your administrative and billing tasks as well as improve your overall practice operations. Our cutting-edge technology and intuitive features help you manage your medical practice with ease, so you can focus on providing high-quality care to your patients.

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Data Technology

Traditionally, practices had to hire third-party vendors to handle clearinghouse management, which created additional costs and complexities. However, with Enable Healthcare's Practice Management solution, clearinghouse management is integrated directly into the software, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for third-party vendors.

Integrated clearinghouse management.

Scheduling made simple for solo and multi physician groups.

Manage patient scheduling, billing, and payments with efficiency and accuracy. Our scheduling feature can accommodate both solo and multi-physician groups, as well as multiple tax IDs, ensuring that your practice runs smoothly regardless of its size. Plus, it can integrate seamlessly into your practice's website, making it easy for patients to schedule appointments online. But that's not all. Within the scheduling feature, we've also built an entire virtual check-in process that allows patients to self-check-in prior to their appointment and fill out any necessary paperwork.

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Meet ARIA, our AI backed billing feature that integrates into your
practice management solution.


Front office

Auto checks on patient eligibility,

co-payments, deductibles and

other front office related tasks.

no commitment
add-on feature

Virtual Billing Staff.

ARIA personalizes its billing rules and practices for your speciality. It will create a virtual biller for your specialty based on a 20 year experienced biller. Now, your practice doesn't have to go through the laborious process of recruiting and hiring new billers. 


no commitment
add-on feature

Auto claims check.

With ARIA your practice no longer has to call insurance companies to check on claims status. Our app automatically checks and verify's all claims.

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no commitment
add-on feature

Auto Updates to Payor Rules.

Every time a payor updates their reimbursement rules our application automatically updates those same rules to your claims. So, each claim sent out is clean.


no commitment
add-on feature

Clean claims &

Our application actively analyzes all claims to make sure it matches the insurance amount. If the amount on the claim sent out is lower than the listed insurance amount our application will automatically resubmit the adjusted claim to get you the correct payment. We’re also maximizing reimbursements by identifying reductions in contractual payments and down coding.

no commitment
add-on feature

Personalized for every Speciality.

When your Practice signs up for ARIA, our app personalizes all payor and billing rules to your speciality so, you can improve on all your claims.


First Pass Guarantee.

ARIA guarantees all claims are first pass approved. In the rare occasion of claim denials, our app will resolve denied claims within the day and ARIA will write rules to prevent those same errors from ever occurring again.

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Talk to us today to see how your Practice can start adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into your billing operations.

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Read about the impact ARIA had on one of our multi-speciality Practice Groups. This Practice has more than 120 providers with over 100 billing administrators. After deploying ARIA this practice had a 15% increase in collections. For more detailed information please read the case study.
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