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Pediatric Specialty 

Our AI-backed EHR and billing application is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of pediatric specialties, ensuring efficient and optimal operations for your practice.

Personalized Pediatric Charting

Our EHR boasts personalized features catered specifically to pediatric specialties, offering comprehensive support for Well-Child Visits-EPSDT, Growth Charts/Hx, Vaccines/Immunization records, Denver Questionnaire assessments, Pediatric Forms, and Pediatric Measures/Compliance Console. Additionally, the platform includes Pediatric Templates/Counseling Plans and Vitals Graphs, empowering healthcare providers to deliver tailored and efficient care to young patients while ensuring seamless management of their medical needs.

Well-Child Visits

Our custom well-child visit feature  empowers pediatricians to chart more effectively and significantly enhance their patients' lives. With tailored templates and counseling plans, pediatricians can efficiently track growth charts, developmental milestones, and immunization schedules, allowing for personalized care plans. This not only streamlines documentation but also enables pediatricians to identify health trends and address concerns promptly, leading to improved healthcare outcomes and ultimately contributing to the overall well-being and quality of life for their young patients.

1. Well Child-EPSDT.jpg

Pediatric Forms

Our personalized Pediatric Screening forms, seamlessly integrated into the patient chart, offer pediatricians a clear view of their patients' development while also saving valuable time. The integrated forms enable efficient assessments of developmental milestones, allowing pediatricians to quickly identify any concerns and provide timely, targeted care.

Growth Charts

Our growth charts allow pediatricians to plot and monitor a child's growth and development over time, enabling early detection of any potential issues. With easy-to-interpret visualizations and automated data analysis, pediatricians can make informed decisions and provide personalized counseling plans, leading to better health outcomes and a more fulfilling and effective practice.

2. Growth Chart.jpg

Vaccine Administration

Our personalized vaccine administration feature enables pediatricians to access and track patients' vaccination history, ensuring timely updates and well-informed decisions for enhanced preventive care. This clear view of vaccine data not only improves efficiency in managing vaccination schedules but also enables pediatricians to make well-informed decisions.

3. Vaccine Adminstration.jpg

Graphical Vitals Data for Better Decisions

In our EHR, pediatricians can effortlessly access their patients' vital data, including body temperature, BMI, height, head circumference, and more, in clear and intuitive graph forms. These graphical representations provide a visual overview of the patient's health trends, allowing pediatricians to make better clinical decisions based on easily interpretable data. This streamlined approach enhances diagnostic accuracy, facilitates early detection of potential issues, and enables personalized treatment plans, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes for pediatric patients.

8. Vitals Graph.jpg

Denver Questionnaire

Integrated into our chart is the Denver Developmental questionnaire. It provides pediatricians with a clear view of their patients' development, facilitating quick and accurate assessments of developmental milestones.

4. Denver Questionnaire.jpg

Compliance Console
for Pediatric Measures

Our Compliance Console for Pediatric Measures provides pediatricians a clear view of patients' development and major preventive care screenings like well-child visits and immunizations. Our tool enhances patient care, ensures timely interventions for improved health outcomes and promotes proactive preventive measures, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes for pediatric patients.

Counseling Plans

Our AI-powered Counseling/Plan feature offers pediatricians valuable clinical insights and significant time savings. By leveraging AI, we provide personalized counseling plans based on patient data and medical guidelines.

7. Pediatric Templates-Counseling Plans.jpg

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