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Our AI-backed EHR and billing application is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of OB/GYN specialties, ensuring efficient and optimal operations for your practice.

Our EHR with Specialized Features for Enhanced Maternal Care

Our EHR is tailored to meet the unique needs of OB/GYN doctors with specific features designed for their practice. These specialized tools include an EDD Calculator, ACOG Forms, Pregnancy Tracker & History, Past Pregnancies, Menstrual History, Genetic Screenings and Infection History. Our EHR streamlines patient data management, automates routine tasks, and facilitates easy access to crucial obstetric information, enabling OB/GYN doctors to provide comprehensive and efficient care to expectant mothers, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both mother and baby.

EDD Calculator

Our EDD (Estimated Due Date) calculator greatly benefits OB/GYN doctors by simplifying and streamlining the process of determining a pregnant patient's due date. The EDD calculator takes into account important factors such as the last menstrual period and ultrasound data to provide accurate and reliable due date estimates. This empowers OB/GYN doctors to efficiently plan and manage prenatal care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both the expectant mother and her baby.

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Custom ACOG Forms

Our ACOG form offers OB/GYN doctors valuable clinical insights and time savings, with pre-built templates aligned with ACOG guidelines for efficient documentation and improved maternal care.

Pregnancy Tracker

Our Pregnancy Tracker offers doctors a clear and user-friendly dashboard with visualized data, enabling efficient monitoring of pregnancy progress.

4. Pregnancy Tracker.jpg

Pregnancy History

Our Pregnancy History feature offers doctors clear visualizations of past pregnancies, aiding in data analysis and informed decision-making for personalized care.

6. Pregnancy Hx.jpg

Past Pregnancies

Our Past Pregnancy feature in provides doctors with clear visualizations for efficient review of previous pregnancies, aiding in informed decision-making and improved patient care.

5. Past Pregnancies-Menstrual Hx.jpg

Genetic Screening

Our EHR streamlines the process of conducting genetic screenings, allowing for easy access to relevant patient information and test results. By facilitating efficient data analysis and documentation, OB/GYN doctors can make informed decisions and develop personalized care plans, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and more effective management of genetic risk factors.

Infection History

8. Infection History.jpg

OB/GYN Templates

Our EHR offers specific OB/GYN templates, designed to make charting easier and faster for OB/GYN doctors. These specialized templates are tailored to the unique needs of obstetric and gynecological practices, allowing doctors to quickly document patient data, exam findings, and treatment plans with ease. By streamlining the charting process, OB/GYN doctors can dedicate more time to patient care and decision-making.


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