Mdnet was built with population management tools to identify gaps-in-care and high risk patients.

01 / Improve Patient Care

With Mdnet’s superior processing power, you can run reports on your patient demographics and isolate patients who are due for a visit or who are eligible for additional programs like CCM, RPM, or the AWV.

02 / Automate Your Practice

Mdnet’s analytical tools give you the power to see a patient’s progression or regression over several months, and help inform the provider’s medical decisions. Additionally, Mdnet has automatic reminders when a patient is due for lab tests or procedures such as mammograms, digital rectal exams, or blood work.

03 / Increase Your Revenue

Mdnet is integrated with payer based quality measures to improve practice payer bonuses, Wellness module, CCM, remote patient monitoring and with various automation to improve patient compliance. Mdnet also automatically calculates your MIPS scores, and keeps you out of the yearly deduction.

Voice Recognition & Virtual Scribe

Using our virtual scribe Providers can now document a patient's visit using voice queries and a natural-language interface so that Providers can be liberated from looking at their computer screens. 

1,000's of Templates

Our EHR has thousands of customizable speciality templates built by our Providers. 

Mdnet is integrated with payer based quality measures to improve practice-payer bonuses.

Integrated EHR

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