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Patients, Providers

& Payers.


01 / Electronic Health

EHI’s certified EHR, Mdnet, is a cloud-based next-gen system for all practice needs. Equipped with built-in Artificial Intelligence, adaptive learning, and real time analytics, Mdnet is a simple yet intuitive system that aims to assist providers with their work flow. 

02 / ARIA

ARIA is EHI’s billing platform fully equipped with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities that keeps up with payer rules and secures the largest reimbursements for a practice or group. ARIA eliminates human error by auto correcting charge entry errors, automating claim generation, and automating posting.

03 / Remote Patient           Monitoring

Using Wi-Fi enabled medical devices such as Blood Pressure Monitor, Weight Scale, Pulse Oximeter and Blood Glucose Meter. Providers can track patients readings instantly to provide better care. Providers can reach out to their patients when they're alerted of abnormal health.

04 / TeleCare

With our Telecare platform, you can establish a secure video conference with your patient with a click-of-a-button. Our platform automatically generates the patient’s chart and creates a new encounter, making sure providers are informed and documenting.

05 / Accountable Care

EHI’s ACO Advantage™ integrates information from disparate sources on a platform built to HL7 and CCDA standards enabling interoperability. EHI's comprehensive business intelligence tools and analytics facilitate a robust and secure ACO Management Platform. 

Ou Technology


Chronic Care Management

Built by care management experts and physicians as a solution for high risk patients with multiple chronic conditions. CCM is the only solution needed for a Solo practitioner, Group Practice, MSO's, ACO's and post-acute care. 

Annual Wellness Visit

EHI will provide its technology, resources and project management expertise to conduct an AWV at the practice under the supervision of the Provider. Our experienced nursing staff will conduct the AWV at your Practice facility based on availability, convenience and without intruding in your day to day patient care. Our goal is to improve your practice and MIPS scores.

Revenue Cycle 

Our RCM system allows you to transparently control and monitor our billing team activities and their performance in real-time. Our service accelerates your revenue cycle and cash flow with intuitive medical billing software featuring powerful custom scrubber rules.



Most of the 4000+ doctors we serve are more than clinicians, they are entrepreneurs, healers and innovators navigating a complicated healthcare industry. With that in mind, we decided to uplift our physicians and their practices with this web series.